The Importance of Self-Awareness

I had the honor of being interviewed by a remarkable woman, AliceAnne Loftus, on her Leading Lady podcast. We got to talk about the importance of self-awareness in leading yourself and others. In the podcast I talk about how I help my clients define their values and discover how living into their values lead to their own success.

I find this exercise to be so important that I want to share that with all of you! Please take some time to listen to the podcast and, as my gift to you, you can download the worksheet below! I know that the time you invest in this self-reflection will pay huge dividends in your life both personally and professionally.

Worksheet Guide:

  1. Begin by rating the values from 1-10, 1 being not important and 10 being of the most importance.
  2. Then, select the values you rated a 9 or 10 and in columns 2 and 3 indicate how much you believe you are living that value at work and in life.
  3. Next, go through your top values and decide how much that value has contributed to your success in the past.
  4. Finally, answer the questions at the bottom of page 3.

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