So what exactly is coaching, you ask? It is a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery and goal achievement.  It is a research-backed process that can help you get “unstuck,” gain back control, and create the life you have only dreamt about. Most importantly, it is an invaluable investment in yourself that can overflow into the lives of those around you.  In a word?  It is powerful.  

Although I specialize in leadership, living a life of purpose, and discovering and leveraging talent, you can expect the benefits of coaching to spill over to all aspects of your life.  I am trained in multiple psychometric assessments and would be happy to incorporate any previous assessments you’ve already taken, or help you decide if an outside assessment would be beneficial in supporting the coaching process.  

Shoot me a message today to set up a complimentary coaching interview and experience the power of coaching for yourself!

“I began working with Judy because I wanted to grow and develop myself more as a supervisor. She helped me identify and use my strengths to make more efficient decisions and guide my team. Gaining a better understanding of my unique, God-given talents has raised my confidence as a leader. I feel as though I can be the leader I was created to be, and my work flows better as a result.  I have read books and even taken classes on leadership, but Judy’s work with me has made, by far, the greatest impact.”

Jessica Pagel, Insurance Claims Supervisor