Workshops are a great way to invest in yourself while building a community of support with others. I believe that a workshop must provide two things to be valuable: 1) something you can immediately incorporate into your life, and 2) a plan with accountability to keep using what you’ve learned.  

Some of my popular workshop topics include:

  • Finding Meaning in Your Career
  • Living a Life of Purpose in Any Season
  • Discovering and Leveraging Talent
  • Building and Leading Successful Teams
  • Leading and Motivating Volunteers

If you are ready to create a more meaningful life alongside other purpose-driven women, check out my upcoming workshops.  

If you are interested in a workshop for your organization, please contact me for more information.

“Judy is truly an amazing coach! She guided me on my journey to unearth some of my God-given talents that I had never fully appreciated or tapped into. Judy’s ‘Discovering and Leveraging Talent’ Workshop, and extended coaching was positively transformative for me personally, professionally, and spiritually! Judy will lead you to explore possibilities and help you lean into them to enhance your life and take it to the next, more enlightened, level.”

Inga Upshaw, Attorney and Counselor at Law