What Clients Have to Say…

When I first met with Judy, I was in an empty season. A few things in my life had just ended and my kids were becoming more independent. I was not sure what I was supposed to be doing in life. Judy sat and listen to me. She asked questions and allowed me to come to my own conclusions. She saw my heart. At the end of our meeting not only did I have goals and a plan to achieve them, but I had self-worth. Judy goes beyond just helping you figuring out your head, she helps you understand your heart.

Jill Spann, Doula/SAHM

Judy — you’ve not only helped open my eyes to what my purpose is, but you’ve helped me get through some tough struggles and figure out how to handle them, best. You’re experience, insight and knowledge has truly helped me prosper.

Ashley Fearn, Operations Director

Judy is an accomplished and creative public speaker.  My colleagues and I, all women in science, greatly benefited from Judy’s Strengths and Personal Branding Workshop. Not only did Judy tailor the materials to the various phases of our careers (applying to professional schools, interviews, job hunting, etc), she continued to offer her support after the workshop. Most importantly, Judy empowered us to “harness our strengths for the pursuit of scientific knowledge that will benefit humanity.”

Andrea Radtke, PhD

After leaving a career that was anything but typical, I felt unfocused on what I should do next. By the end of my first coaching session, I left with a plan to start pursuing specific jobs that would fit my talents, skills, and work habits, as well as the lifestyle I desire.  The biggest impact her coaching has had, however, is the confidence I now have from understanding my greatest strengths and how to use them!

Lisa Leitch, Former Director of Children’s Ministry

Judy is truly an amazing coach! She guided me on my journey to unearth some of my God-given talents that I had never fully appreciated or tapped into. Judy’s ‘Discovering and Leveraging Talent’ Workshop, and extended coaching was positively transformative for me personally, professionally, and spiritually! Judy will lead you to explore possibilities and help you lean into them to enhance your life and take it to the next, more enlightened, level.

Inga Upshaw, Attorney and Counselor at Law

I began working with Judy because I wanted to grow and develop myself more as a supervisor. She helped me identify and use my strengths to make more efficient decisions and guide my team. Gaining a better understanding of my unique, God-given talents has raised my confidence as a leader. I feel as though I can be the leader I was created to be, and my work flows better as a result.  I have read books and even taken classes on leadership, but Judy’s work with me has made, by far, the greatest impact.

Jessica Pagel, Insurance Claims Supervisor

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several conferences where Judy Farrell was one of the featured speakers.  I was impressed with her knowledge of the content and capacity to deliver somewhat complicated topics with ease and sensibility.  She was able to engage her audience with relatable illustrations allowing us the possibilities to grow and mature in our own thinking.  These attributes are certainly the results of a commitment to excellence by way of serious preparation and respect for the platform for which she’s been called. I’m honored to endorse her.

Diane Lowery, Bible Teacher/Women’s Pastor