My Story

Just like you, I am a leader with a passion and purpose. I am dedicated to empowering leaders to step into their purpose, live life well, and positively impact those around them.

After transferring from full-time active duty Navy to part-time Navy Reserve work in 2013, I had the incredible opportunity to teach leadership classes for military officers, many of whom were also leaders in the corporate world. To my complete surprise, I was really good at – and became very passionate about – helping leaders thrive!

Seeking to develop this passion, I went back to school to earn a masters in leadership and subsequently became a Certified Professional Coach. I was trained in the CliftonStrengths (previously, StrengthsFinder) Assessment, Keirsey-Bates Temprement Sorter, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram, and the Energy Leadership Index. I have used these assessments to help leaders both understand and use their uniqueness to achieve goals and make a positive impact on others.

Today, I am using my God-given talents to make the greatest impact I can on this world. And this is my greatest wish for you, too, and why I am dedicated to helping you make that a reality!